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Yes We KANT Friday 19 February

Yes We KANT Friday 19 February

DJS: Severino Vs Ben Osborne
Friday 19 February
25-27 Heddon Street
London, W1B 4BH
020 7434 4040
9:30pm – 4am
Free Entry
Ben Osborne (Slipped Disco’ UFO/ Noise of Art) and Severino (Horse Meat Disco/ Hyena Stomp) celebrate the onset of fashion week by pairing-up for night long session in the basement of this famously fashionable central London hang out. Live dance act KAN’T bring their improvised prog grooves to the dancefloor, which usually means setting themselves up on the dancefloor amongst the audience. The alley outside Momo is apparently where Bowie shot the cover for his Zigggy Stardust concept album. Making it a suitably prog-meets-glam location for tonight’s antics.

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