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Aruba Red Mini Series and #IVW21 Shows

Aruba Red Mini Series and #IVW21 Shows

Last year Woodbridge Festival and Noise of Art hosted Aruba Red at one of our LIVE at The Riverside socially distanced events. We are currently re-running highlights from her show as part of our Independent Venues Week 2021 coverage.

Aruba Red is also currently presenting a mini series explaining the stories behind her live LP, giving an insight into how her experiences have shaped her music, with esoteric and spiritual themes, as well as wellbeing and empowerment. All her music is deeply personal and lays her bare. She is a steadfast feminist and has suffered anxiety and panic attacks, due to trauma and emotional abuse and puts all her pain into her music and uses it as a way to heal.

Aruba Red is also the daughter of late, great, legendary rock musician Jack Bruce of Cream

The online series has six with one episode being aired each week from mid January 2021. Her live album is out 11 March.

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