Ben Osborne


Described as a “polymath” (Time Out), Ben Osborne is a DJ, writer, producer and founder of Noise of Art, a pioneering collective connecting “music with the arts, film and other media” (M Magazine). He DJs internationally and his projects are performed in diverse settings, from festivals and nightclubs to art galleries and bespoke spaces such as BT Tower for the London Olympics, where he played for the stars of UK atheletics. Time Out describes “shimmering electronic delights” and “dancefloor bombs” in his eclectic sets.

Artists: 5pm BST, First Light
Label: Noise of Art
Release Date: January 01, 2019
Genre: Electronic
People: Ben Osborne

“When it comes to mega multimedia events, Ben Osborne and his collective, Noise of Art, are all over it.”

Time Out - Kate Hutchinson Journalist - Reviewer

“Ben Osborne's Noise Of Art collective has built up an enviable reputation for putting on cutting-edge club events.” (Flavourpill)

Flavourpill - Joe Rudkin Journalist - Reviewer

“I want to seriously approve an audio/visual installation... Ben Osborne presents music made using samples recorded in a Portuguese factory” (CMU)

CMU - Andy Malt Journalist - Reviewer

“Bound to free the crowd from any torpor.”

The Guardian Guide - Nick Green Journalist - Reviewer

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