First Light Festival 2020

Saturday 20 June

Noise of Art at

First Light Festival

Noise of Art returns to First Light Festival to help celebrate last year’s success with an online virtual festival.

Noise of Art is simulcasting the whole event from First Light’s Facebook event while our acts are performing from three locations 5PM – 7PM live from FIRST LIGHT FESTIVAL HQ in UK and THE CROSS CLUB IN PRAGUE with Bratri (Czech), Floex (Czech) and DJ Ben Osborne (UK) preceded by an early afternoon set from London by Lowestoft local lad Nathan X.

First Light

Live Stream

6pm BST / First Light
6pm BST / First Light
First Light
5pm BST / First Light
Ben Osborne
2pm BST / First Light
Nathan X
First Light
Red Snapper

Noise of Art at First Light

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