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CAVALCANTI and Noise of Art launch collaboration at Design Junction, during London Design Week, 24-27 September 2015

CAVALCANTI and Noise of Art launch collaboration at Design Junction, during London Design Week, 24-27 September 2015

ben_osborne_rug_recordingTextile designers CAVALCANTI are collaborating with Noise Of Art to create ‘Comfortably Spun’, a textile and sound installation in Central St Martens ‘College’ Building, as part of London Design Week.

CAVALCANTI will be showcasing five exclusively designed rugs displayed alongside a specially produced soundscape created from the noises of the production process.

Comfortably Spun

‘Comfortably Spun’ is a celebration of the weaving and tufting techniques used in the production of CAVALCANTI rugs. The sounds and rhythms of the looms and tufting tools on the factory floor have been recorded and turned into music, while they also inform the creative process behind the rug designs. To complete the creative loop, the designs of the rugs have also been digitally mapped into the music, adding an otherworldly melody to the rhythms of the factory sounds.

The project is inspired by the visions of Luigi Russolo, the Futurist author of A Manifesto for An Art of Noise, who in 1913 envisaged people in the future finding pleasure in the sounds and rhythms of the factory. Russolo was writing in a newly industrialised world of mechanical noise. Today we live in a digital age where production is increasingly noiseless. Textiles is, perhaps, one industry where the sound and noise of production has been less changed by digitisation.

CAVALCANTI’s new collection showcases vivid colours and geometric shapes designed in direct response to the traditional processes in which they are made. With an emphasis on the sounds of production, these rugs depict an abstract visualisation of sound bites collected from the traditional machinery used to make them.

By using both the sounds of the factory floor and notation derived from the geometric designs of the rugs, Ben Osborne links every part of the creative process behind the traditional techniques in which the rugs are made.

CAVALCANTI specialises in the development and production of bespoke hand-made rugs, with a commitment to outstanding standards of design and craftsmanship. All CAVALCANTI rugs are made in Portugal, designed in London, with a new showroom opening in Peckham soon.

DesignJunction will be taking place 24-27 September 2015. Find CAVALCANTI and Noise of Art on the corridor on Level 2 of the College Building. The College, 12-42 Southampton Row, London WC1B 4AP.

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