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Pre-Carnival Sound System Celebration

Pre-Carnival Sound System Celebration

40 Years of Aswad’s Live and Direct LP Celebrated With Live 3D Recordings, as part of Windrush celebrations and Woodbridge Festival London Launch Party. GET TICKETS HERE

Aswad – Q&A and 3D playback

Black Obsidian Sound System – London

Daddy Turbo, Asanti, RastaYard Sound Systems – Ipswich

Open Src Music presents OGR (Ital Rockers) – Leeds/ London/ Bury St Edmonds

Host DJ Ben Osborne (Noise of Art) and visuals by Your Mum

EartH, 13-17 Stoke Newington Road, London N16 8BH. 6.30pm-1am Tickets:  from Dice £5


UK Reggae pioneers Aswad celebrate 40 Years of their seminal 1983 LP, Live and Direct, by unveiling 3D recordings, played back on EartH’s unique immersive sound system, on Saturday 26 August.

Recorded live at Notting Hill Carnival and released in 1983, Live and Direct followed earlier classics such as Warrior Charge and New Chapter In Dub. Still revered as the quintissential live reggae LP, it cemented the band’s position at the forefront of UK reggae and dub.

The 3D playback, recorded using both the Dolby Atmos and L Acoustics L-Isa spatial music programmes, has been organsied by Noise of Art, in collaboration with Earth, L Acoustics and Gatwick Studios.

The night is part of Woodbridge Festival’s Windrush 75 celebrations, highlighting the influence of sound systems in UK music culture.

Asawd are to give a Q&A before the playback, which also features new visuals commmissioned by Noise of Art. They will be joined by new and iconic sound systems from London, Leeds and Ipswich.

Suffolks’ underground Sound System culture, which goes back to the 1960s, will be represented by members of Ashanti, Daddy Turbo and RastaYard.

Leeds, London and Suffolk based label and hip hop collective Open Src Music, will present a new set of bass music with Leeds MC OGR (Ital Rockers) live.  DJ Sham will be representing Brixton’s Turner Prize nominated Trans/ non-binary sound system, B.O.S.S, who build on sound system culture’s messages of liberation and freedom.

The night is hosted by veteran DJ, writer and Noise of Art founder DJ Ben Osborne.

The events are supported by the DLUCH Windrush Day 75 Grant Scheme.

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