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Prague's Move Festival presents Boris Carloff (Prague) and Noise of Art founder Ben Osborne

Prague's Move Festival presents Boris Carloff (Prague) and Noise of Art founder Ben Osborne

boris_carloff_ben_osborneBoris Carloff (Prague) joins Ben Osborne (London) at Pump and Grind on Friday 19 February and The Social on Saturday 20 February.
Prague’s Move Festival is proud to introduce Czech Grammy winner and electronic trailblazer Boris Carloff to the UK for his first live gigs here. Boris will be joined by UK DJ, Noise of Art founder, Ben Osborne.
A well known figure on Prague’s music scene, Boris Carloff has already gained suport and radio play from tastemakers such as Giles Peterson in the UK.
A producer, composer, engineer and musician, his unique musical style combines classical music and indie rock with an electronic music template.
Carloff released his second solo album Morphosis on February 16th, 2015, exactly two years after the release date of his debut LP The Escapist, which won two Czech Grammy and the Czech Mercury music award. The LP featured Doug Yowell (drummer for Lana Del Ray and Suzanne Vega) and singer Ghetto Priest (Asian Dub Foundation, Massive Attack).
Morphosis is a sophisticated blend of electronic and indie sounds. Carloff recorded the album in the Icelandic studio of producer Bardi Johansson, who added an Icelandic feel to Bori’s’ sound.
Boris’s live gigs are renown for being mesmerizing. His high-octane dance beats are augmented by live instruments and visuals. His vocal style is capable of being emotional and fragile, while at the same time sounding uplifting and energetic. He is joined on stage by keyboardist Jan Andr and Terezie Kovalova on violoncello.
Boris Carloff will be introduced for the first time in UK, at new venue Pump and Grind in Ipswich on 19 February and at legendary London venue, The Social on 20 February.

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