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Ben Osborne at National Portrait Gallery

Ben Osborne at National Portrait Gallery

ben_osborne GrayscaleThursday 21 July, 2016
St Martin’s Place?London?WC2H 0HE
Free Entry From 6pm
DJ Ben Osborne plays a set inspired by the portraits at Central London’s iconic art gallery. spinning an electronic set spanning everything from classic techno, punk-funk, galactic house, to deep down and dirty disco.
Ben Osborne is a DJ, musician, writer and broadcaster and is the founder of Noise of Art and the long running Slipped Disco Club.
“Whether penning features, currating Noise of Art projects or simply playing out, Ben Osborne likes to keep busy. Slipped Disco, his own night, has played a part in rescuing nights for everyone in need of somewhere to let their hair down.” Flavourpill.

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