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Museum of Last Parties

Museum of Last Parties

Noise of Art is delighted that the flagship London club Fabric is going to re-open. Earlier this month Noise of Art joined a panel of speakers at The Museum of London to discuss the implications of the club’s threatened closure on the future of club and music culture in London. The event was part of a night organised by Andrew Rutland and Martin Green. The panel was put together and moderated by Alan D Miller, Chairman of The Night Time Industries Association. Speakers included presenter and journalist Sunta Templeton, Andy Blackett (Head of Events and Promotions, Fabric), Henry Scott Irvine (Activist for Save Tin Pan Alley), journalist Kate Spicer and Noise of Art’s Ben Osborne. It was a good and far-ranging discussion, highlighting throughout that we need to protect the capital’s vibrant culture in all its forms. Fabric staying open is fabulous news. A viable and internationally recognised cultural venue has been saved. Congratulations

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