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Music Education in Europe

Music Education in Europe

Noise of Art is working with lead partners in Prague and other EU
countries on a new education approach for music and creative thinking.

The music programme is eight years into an educational approach in Prague based on the open interaction between children, teenagers and educator. It encourages creativity as a free process.

The programme is not result-driven in a traditional way, but encourages creative thinking by consistently engaging and re-engaging the students in activities that stimulate their concentration. This transforms creative educational tasks into enjoyable, challenging activities.

The course insists on achieving assignment tasks and expected results, although it is not measured against time but creative process.

The programme is self-regenerating and locally responsive. Schemes are prepared locally by the educator, while the more advanced students create material that newer students use.

It is being developed in a co-operation with Institute of Modern Music and Prague Basic School, under the patronage of Charles University Faculty of Education. Pupils on the programme have consistently won composition prizes in Czech music awards.

Project head, Jaroslav Rauser, is a founder of alternative group STP, a leading voice in late 1980s/ 1990’s Czech independent music. He helped open-up the Czech music scene post velvet revolution, was head of Prague’s leading post communist music venue, the Akropolis Palace, which he ran 1991-2006, and has realised 5,600 cultural productions attracting over 1.6 million visitors.

He was co-founder of EuroConnections (international music network) and the Czech music export office. He runs Move festival and Move Association, promoting international music mobility, and chairs the Institute of Modern Music, focusing on music education for children and teenagers. He is VP of the Czech Music Council.

His teaching includes The Academy of Performing Art Prague, international tuition courses for professionals and composition for children and teenagers.

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