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Woodbridge Community Disco

Woodbridge Community Disco

Friday 21 January

Woodbridge Festival of Art and music presents

Woodbridge Community Disco

Chris Coco (The Chill Out Tent/ Café Del Mar), Ben Osborne (Noise of Art/ Woodbridge Festival), The Community Hall, Woodbridge IP12 4AU

Please register for a ticket to attend. Doors Open 6:30pm

Woodbridge Festival kicks off its 2022 Winter Festival events with a return to the community hall of Ibiza legend Chris Coco joining host DJ Ben Osborne.

The new series of Community Hall Discos will see a roster of international names join local heroes spinning eclectic sets of disco, punk funk, electro, soul, house and hip hop. Shining light into the darkness of the winter, they will run through until spring 2022.

Chris Coco is an international DJ and producer, writer and radio presenter who’s DJed on every continent except Antarctica. He’s played all the major clubs in Ibiza, and at major festivals; including Glastonbury, Roskilde, Big Chill and Bestival. He was opening DJ for Robbie Williams’ world tour and there are few DJs who have his breadth of musical knowledge and obsession with finding the perfect track.

Ben Osborne is described as a “polymath” by Time Out. He’s an award winning creative producer, and founder of Noise of Art (“an actual Cathedral of Sound” The Guardian) and DJs internationally at festivals and clubs, including Glastonbury, Sonar, Chateau Perché, MAMA Paris, Big Chill and Latitude. He’s also a journalist and author and has presented his own shows on Xfm (as well as appearing with Ricky Gervais), NME Radio and Slack City Radio. He’s pioneered such things as late night music in galleries in London, immersive film experiences, and silent music and electronic music events in clubs, festival and theatres.

The bar is operated by Vernon Blackmore (The Table/ Duck/ Anchor and Horse) and Saltpeter Wines, Woodbridge. Expect some deliciously funky flavours.

The night will follow current pandemic guidelines and ticket numbers will be limited to well below venue capacity to enable ample circulation of air, social distancing and avoidance of pinch points. You must have a ticket to attend and please follow guidelines.

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