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Celebrating 20 Years of The Social (London) in Prague

Celebrating 20 Years of The Social (London) in Prague

Saturday 28 September
The Social 20 year celebration in Prague
DJs Hevanely Jukebox (The Social) UK, Ben Osborne (The Social/ Noise of Art) UK. Live Bratri  – Czech Republic, Aid Kid  – Czech Republic, NOHA – Czech Republic
Having guested at The Social in London earlier this month, Cross Club and Move Association brings the Social’s 20th anniversary celebrations to Prague, with a team of the Social’s regulars playing Prague’s revered independent nightclub.
Heavenly Jukebox is the collective name for The Social’s inhouse DJ team. Tonight will see the Heavenly Jukebox and Social mainstay, Carl Gosling, and Sophie Green play sets, with a solo and B2b session with Noise of Art and Social regular  Ben Osborne, reviving a DJ tag team that played Glastonbury, where The Social hosts the famous Stonebridge stage.
Joining them on the line-up is Aid Kid (Ondra Mikula), one of today’s most talented Czech musicians, producers and DJs. His live sets use both analog hardware and software to build tension and produce long linear compositions.
Brat?i are one of Prague’s most popular live electronic acts and have recently started attracting international recognition, not least with acclaimed shows at Talinn Music Week festival in Estonia and France’s Chateau Perché. Their music has diverse influences, mixing familiar electronic genres (techno, experimental electronic) with other sources. Their songs blend acoustic drums, electronic samples, vintage synthesizers and electronic beats.
Also on the night’s line-up are Londoner Donna Leake and live Czech drum n bass veterans N.O.H.A playing in the square outside the club.

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