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Noise of Art’s Last of The Summer Events

Noise of Art’s Last of The Summer Events

Thank you everyone for making this summer the busiest ever.
Our summer programme has just two more events – with the excellent Bratri, Heavenly Jukebox, Bobby Glo  and Noise of Art’s DJ Ben Osborne  playing a showcase at The Social on Wednesday 18 September before we ship everyone over to Prague for a celebration of 20 years of the Social at the Cross Club on the weekend of 28 September. We’ve even got Czech live drum n bass band Noise of Human Art (no relation, but good name anyway) playing live.
In the meantime, here’s some of the summer highlights:
Noise of Art contributed the DJ line-up for First Light Festival, where thousands & thousands of you partied on the beach at the UK’s most easterly shore line. Acts included Gilles Peterson, our long term collaborators A Man Called Adam, Flying Mojito Bros and DJ Ben Osborne, as well as festival organisers and good eggs Wayne Hemingway and Jack Hemingway.  We also have to mention the fantastic Genevieve Christie and her Flipside team here. Straight after that  there were DJ appearances by Ben Osborne at Glastonbury Festival on the Stonebrige Stage, where people such as Marc Ronson, Joe Goddard, Emma Jean Thackery, Emma Warren and Guy Williams shared the stage, amongst many more.  Then it was straight over to  the Cross Festival in Prague. After that we had a stage at Chateau Perché, France’s brilliantly crazy festival, where over 10,000 beautiiful people danced to
our UK meets Czech and French acts
DJ Ben Osborne then raced  to the UK for Big Chill founder Pete Lawrence’s Little Chill festival on the South Downs. And then we rounded things off by programming the re-formed Woodbridge eco Festival (WeFAM) featuring Justin Robertson, Si Begg, Bessie Turner and many more – attracting over a thousand people to party on the village green.
Throughout we ran summer long sessions in Camden Town, where Delroy’s Caribbean grill house supplied the scotch bonnet prawn and we supplied the funk, soul, reggae, jazz, hip hop and house in the Con’s hideaway garden next to the canal.
And there wasn’t a Noise of Art flight in any of it.

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