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Small Axe Gets Imagination

Small Axe Gets Imagination

Like everyone we know in the UK, the Noise of Art fam has been happily self-isolating on Sundays thanks to the BBC (actually the music programming has been pretty on-point throughout most of the lock down –  step forward Jazz 625, Fela Kuti, Jazz Funk et al).

BBC One’s Small Axe is a collection of short films by Academy Award, Bafta and Golden Globe-winning filmmaker, Steve McQueen. We loved the first two in the series.

This Sunday, 29 November, we have an additional reason for watching – which is why it’s appearing here. One of our favourite collaborators, Leee John of Imagination, is going to be in it. As is his mum!

If you haven’t checked out our live show and Q&A on British Black Music with Leee (HERE) now is a good time to do so – apart from Leee’s voice being amazing, the Q&A will give you some background to the era.

And we are re-posting this clip of, Tyrone Huntley (who plays Leee in Small Axe) and Leee in conversation.

Check it out and don’t forget to tune into Small Axe – Red, White and Blue, written by Courttia Newland and Steve McQueen, on BBC One/ iPlayer this Sunday.

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