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Independent Venues Week 2021

Independent Venues Week 2021

Independent Venues Week 2021 – Woodbridge Festival Live at The Riverside

Monday 25- Friday 29 January 2021 6pm daily. Free to watch but raising funds for Save Our Venues, Ella’s Fight and Save the Riverside.

For the first time Woodbridge Festival and The Riverside will be an official venue in the UK’s Independent Venues Week.

The festival and venue had planned a live gig to start the week, but COVID made that impossible. Instead they will be showing five nights of highlights from Woodbridge Festival LIVE AT THE RIVERSIDE, filmed in front of socially distanced audiences at monthly events between June and December 2020.

The 6pm broadcasts will take place from 25 January and will end on 29 January with a re-run of the popular live show and Q&A on British Black Music with Leee John of Imagination (Gorillaz and Small Axe).

Other acts featured in the five nights of highlights include Red Snapper, Adult Entertainment, Aruba Red, AIKO, Cleo Gould and Jonathan Morton (London Sinfonietta/ Scottish Ensemble), Sun Cutter, host DJ Ben Osborne, Noisy Pots, Kirsty Allison/ Vagrant Lovers, Nathan X, H E Ross, Bratri, Peter Hepworth, Misery Gutz, JS and The Lockerbillies, Laura Wyatt and many more… more details of where to watch will be published on the official Independent Venue Week website.

The events featured music, word and other arts and were organised from June to December 2020 by Woodbridge Festival and Noise of Art in the 105 year old The Riverside – a much loved local cinema and theatre that stayed open through two world wars, but was closed by COVID.

DJ, Festival programmer and Noise of Art founder Ben Osborne says: “We’re delighted that Woodbridge Festival is able to take part in Independent Venue Week for the first time this year, made possible by the contributions from the team, acts and audiences at Live at The Riverside in this most difficult year.”

Live at The Riverside will be back on the last Monday of every month throughout 2021 as soon as possible, including a rescheduled official Independent Venue Week live event (date to be announced).

The streamed gigs are free to watch, but we are raising funds for Ella’s Fight, save The Riverside and Save Our Venues Red Alert. Please donate what you can.

Ella’s Fight

Save The Riverside

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