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Smoothgroove’s Lockdown mix

Smoothgroove’s Lockdown mix

“Let The Musicians Back In highlights a DJ’s creative role in expanding the parameters of music presentation. Drawing on fresh productions and new directions, this multi-genre mix evokes decades of involvement in nascent and avante garde music scenes,” explains Smoothgroove of his Noise of Art mix. His eclectic mix takes in Detroit Techno, the reinvention of Afro/Latin and Black Jazz, via House and new hybrids, in a sophisticated selection and sequence which he describes as “the art of flow”.

He explains further: “2020 has seen a re-evaluation of musicianship, reflected in current releases by veteran and acclaimed producers and labels. Jeff Mills, Carl Craig, Theo Parrish, Moodyman- much of the fabric of Detroit- demonstrate in their individual styles the diverse extent of artistic collaboration. The refinement of nuance exudes from the House productions of Louie Vega and Kevin Yost.

“Noise of Art has brought this motif to (its) live events. And here their current roster artists Red Snapper and Noisy Pots fit seamlessly in the mix.

“As a young wide-eyed Jeff Mills said to me once on tour; ‘As a DJ you have a chance to really do it to the crowd’.”

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