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Chill Out Tent back for Summer Solstice

Chill Out Tent back for Summer Solstice

Our friends at the Chill Out Tent are back slightly early this month, for Edition #15 as it’s a special event to coincide with the Summer Solstice. Join us on Sunday June 20th at 19:00-04:00 BST for this special extended longest day program… Noise of Art’s Ben Osborne’s set is accompanied by footage taken around Suffolk near the Sun Deck sessions over the pandemic years by Carl Stickly and Ben – when there weren’t many people about. But there were some deer.

19:00 – Sun Deck Mix – Ben Osborne (Noise of Art)
19:50 – Love Is The Answer – The Campfire Circle Singers
20:00 – Soulgood Afternoon Session – George Solar
21:00 – Sunset at The Hut (Colwell Bay Isle of Wight) – Je Suis Anglais
22:00 – After Party – Amnesia 1986 mix with Alfredo

23:00 – Live on Hamon Radio – Satoshi & Makoto
24:00 – K5 Loft Streaming part 2 – Calm & Eita Godo
01:30 – Kay Suzuki
02:30 – Sleep Fabbrica Sassetti – Giorgio Alvera

03:15 – Brutalist Sunrise – Chris Coco

Join us for this free streaming event on Mixcloud Live at 19:00 BST

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